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How to get followers on Twitter

Whether you are just starting out with social media, or simply would like to reach a larger audience on Twitter, here are some tips that will help you connect and engage with a larger audience. Engage your customer, not your product. Use … [Read more]

Google+: The Second Largest Social Network

Although Google is the largest search engine in the world, many businesses are not managing their presence on Google and Google+ effectively.   Customers often start their business search online, and when they find your business on Google, they will … [Read more]

Color Matters: What Colors Say About You

Why should you care about your brand colors? Studies show that color is often the first thing a potential customer notices when viewing your logo or website. In addition, a product's color influences sixty to eighty percent of a purchasing … [Read more]

Fast, Good, Cheap

With most Atlanta web design firms, it's fast, good, or cheap.  Pick two. Good + Fast = Expensive. Good + Cheap = Slow. Fast + Cheap = Inferior. Our mission at Atlanta Web Design is to give you all three!  Contact us today for a free … [Read more]