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How to get followers on Twitter

Whether you are just starting out with social media, or simply would like to reach a larger audience on Twitter, here are some tips that will help you connect and engage with a larger audience.

  1. Engage your customer, not your product.
  2. Use Images
  3. Use #Hashtags
  4. Keep it Short
  5. Use Videos
  6. Use Contests
  7. Ask for Retweets


Google+: The Second Largest Social Network

Although Google is the largest search engine in the world, many businesses are not managing their presence on Google and Google+ effectively.   Customers often start their business search online, and when they find your business on Google, they will also find a link to your Google Plus profile.

Manage Your Identity Online
Your Google+ Local page contains information about your business as well as customer reviews.   An active presence on Google+ will allow your business to disseminate the correct information to your customers while also monitoring customer interaction with your business.

Location Matters
Your Google+ profile includes your business address, and Google’s search uses address information as part of the algorithm that determines  what business is most relevant to an inquiry.  A Google+ Local page can help your listing rank higher and be found more quickly that that of your competition.

Ready to get started?  Simply contact us today and we will get you started with setup and monitoring of your Google+ Local Pages.

Color Matters: What Colors Say About You

Why should you care about your brand colors? Studies show that color is often the first thing a potential customer notices when viewing your logo or website. In addition, a product’s color influences sixty to eighty percent of a purchasing decision.

To learn more about the importance of color, check out this great infographic:


Web Design Colors

Infographic via

Fast, Good, Cheap

With most Atlanta web design firms, it’s fast, good, or cheap.  Pick two.


Good + Fast = Expensive.

Good + Cheap = Slow.

Fast + Cheap = Inferior.

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